For more information on the state of Canada’s Internet and the organizations working to maintain and increase our freedom online, we invite you to check out the links listed below. – is a coalition of citizens, businesses, and public interest groups fighting to protect our Internet’s level playing field. We’re calling on lawmakers and industry to protect openness, choice, and access for ALL Canadians – and stopping lobbyists and special interests from ruining Canada’s Internet.

Check out’s special report – Fact vs Fiction: Five Myths about Network Neutrality (pdf) – Stop the Cap!, a blog focused on global Internet service issues. – Consumers for Internet Competition, a coalition of independent Canadian ISP’s fighting to stop the CRTC’s efforts to limit broadband competition. – The focus of is to show the Canadian public how the CRTC has abandoned its mandate to serve us in favour of protecting corporate interests. – Michael Geist is Canada’s leading expert on Internet Law and has been tireless in bringing & keeping the issues of fair Internet use in the public spotlight. – a free public service blog provided by Michael Geistspecifically covering net neutrality issues.