Our Infrastructure

We aren't tied to their policies

We Canadians have a growing problem of lagging far behind much of the world in deploying fibre to the home or fibre to the business. The functional monopolies that own the Broadband market are happy to send out their ever-increasing bills for service while failing to invest in next-generation fibre-optic network infrastructure.

GorillaNET difference

We provide the main benefits of fibre optic services to people and organizations that want speed and reliability, but have concerns about the installation and running costs of a dedicated fibre connection to their home or business premises.

We take advantage of economical high-capacity fibre connections from our partner fibre providers and then distribute Ultra High-Speed Internet services to you over a high-capacity, secure wireless connection.

The GorillaNET advantages

1. Freedom! We don’t have to use existing last mile copper wire from the telephone company or cable TV company. As a result, we aren’t tied to their restrictive policies, including throttling, snooping into your connection and habits through deep packet inspection and limiting your use of the Internet through low bandwidth caps.

2. Speed! We can provide dramatically faster services than the telephone company or cable TV company. Our Wireless Access Points are capable of delivering over 100 Megabits per second. We put very few customers on each access point, so sharing is kept to a minimum. We use very large fibre optic backhauls to get from you to the Internet, so again sharing is minimized. The result is fast, un-throttled Internet with very liberal bandwidth allowances.

3. Personal service! We are an Ontario company, with Ontario partners including our suppliers and agents. We care passionately about your Internet experience and are tired of the restrictive practices of the Cable/Telephone Duopoly in this country.

And finally, but perhaps most important of all…

4. Vision! We understand the changing nature of the Internet. We understand that the biggest driver of personal and business bandwidth requirements is voice and video services. You have our commitment that we will always be leading the push to provide reasonably priced advanced services that empower YOU with the ability to choose how YOU want to use YOUR Internet.

Please compare our attitude with the restrictive policies, including throttling, deep packet inspection, off-shored support and low bandwidth caps that your friendly local telephone and cable companies are intent on imposing on you.