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To provide the highest quality and fastest possible performance for all our customers, all the time


Like all Internet Service Providers, GorillaNET delivers Internet service over a network which is shared among the customers we have. Even though your Internet connection is always on, most people using the Internet for common uses (i.e.; web browsing, email, chatting, VoIP etc) will use up only a fraction of the network capacity for brief moments at a time.
Congestion can occur from time to time when a large subset of users is engaging in activities that uses a large amount of bandwidth. When congestion does occur, GorillaNET employs traffic management measures to ensure that the majority of our customers will continue to have a high quality Internet connection. We do not employ intrusive deep packet inspection techniques and we do not keep records of your connection information.
Many other ISPs, including the telephone and cable companies, are now limiting particular applications to a certain bandwidth, regardless of whether their network is actually congested or not.
Our approach is different. GorillaNET does not and will not restrict bandwidth according to application use unless extreme congestion is occurring.
Under normal operating circumstances, we allow everything to run at maximum speed.
If congestion becomes a chronic problem in any segment of our network, our primary solution is adding more bandwidth to that segment, increasing the capacity and removing the congestion problem.
If and when congestion occurs, our NetEqualizer appliance will automatically engage to share available Internet bandwidth fairly. It gently slows down customers that have a lot of connections open and who are transferring a lot of data over those connections. This works in both directions, downloads and uploads. The NetEqualizer stops all traffic management activities as soon as the congestion eases.
The aim is to provide the highest quality and fastest possible performance for all our customers, all the time.
We wish to stress again that we only employ this type of prioritization and traffic management if and when the network becomes particularly busy.
We want your GorillaNET experience to be better than any other service you can get!
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