Our Philosophy

We have a very simple philosophy at GorillaNET…we intend to be the best provider of very high-capacity Internet services in Ontario.

We intend to keep your information private. We despise the intrusion of deep packet inspection as practised by your phone company and cable TV company.

We intend to keep prices low and service levels high.

We intend to keep tech support and customer service in North America.

We intend to provide services that allow you, our customer, to use the Internet in ways that you want, not in ways that your Internet service provider dictates by imposing restrictive policies such as bandwidth caps and chronic throttling.

We intend to keep our services independent. We don’t like the direction that Canadian broadband is taking today, and are deeply concerned that the CRTC (Canadian Radio and Television Commission) does not understand the needs of the Canadian public today, much less the needs of tomorrow.